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Dr. Christopher Carlone, DDS

Lighting Services

Manone Family Heating and Cooling

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"Being in an idustry where 90% of  our phone calls come from patients in need of immediate attention, I rely heavily on my phones being answered as quickly as possible- no one likes to wait while they are in pain. I have worked with Accurate Answer, LLC since 1993- and pride myself on the professionalism, compassion, and friendliness of the company. My patients are able to reach me at any time, and I know that even if I can't answer the phone immediately, there is someone answering for me that cares. "

Dr. Christopher Carlone, DDS

New Milford, CT

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"Being a family owned and run company means that I have to be out and in the field at my customer's locations all the time. I am not able to keep regular business hours, but know I need to be able to get a phone call at any time. Accurate Answer has provided me with over 20 years of  reassurance that my calls never go unanswered, and that I can always rely on having my virtural receptionists working hard and providing me with the exact information for each and every job."

Cooper  Clark, Vice President

Southbury, CT

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"Thank you to Krysta and Accurate Answer, LLC for making sure that even though the recent storms forced us to close our doors due to lack of power, we were still able to get every phone call from our clients with HVAC needs. There is great comfort knowing that there is someone always there- no matter the time, the weather, or the location to answer our calls, and being a point of contact for our customers."

Nicole Manone

Elmira, NY